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ELISA Starter Kit (BSA)

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Size 1000well
This Kit is used to quantitatively measure levels of proteins or specific antigens in serum or other biological samples by using with EzWay ELISA Core kits. Except antibody & standard, all other reagents for full ELISA test are supplied.

• There is no need to buy extra solutions separately.
• Minimize the cost and time for preparation of full ELISA Kit.
• All kit components are optimized for common ELISA test.
• It is convenient to use together with Core kits.
• Kit components :
- ELISA Microtiter Wells Plate 10 plates
- Coating Buffer (pH9.6)
- Blocking Solution (1% BSA/PBS)
- PBS Powder Pouch
- Tween-20 (50%)
- TMB Solution
- Substrate Solution (H2O2)
- Stop Solution (2M H2SO4)
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