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EzWay Direct PCR Buffer Set (5x)

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EzWay™ Direct PCR Buffer enables the direct amplification of DNA fragments from a variety of samples including whole blood, blood collected on card, saliva, bacteria, mouse tail, tissue, cultured cells or plant eliminating the need for DNA purification, just by adding to the PCR mixture in place of general 10X PCR Buffer.

EzWay™ Direct PCR Buffer is compatible with most commercially available any DNA polymerases including Taq, Pfu, Pwo, Tth and even with any type of Hot Start Taq DNA polymerase. A one-step reaction using this EzWay™ Direct PCR Buffer enables easy PCR and minimizes the sample cross-contamination when dealing with multiple tissue or samples by eliminating tedious genomic DNA preparation.
• No need to purify DNA prior to PCR
• Minimizes the risk of DNA contamination during reagent handling
• Prevents the loss of trace samples in the DNA purification process
• Amplification of DNA directly from samples containing : Whole Blood, Blood Stains, Blood Cards, Buccal Swab, Saliva, Hair root, Sperm, Body Fluid, Cultured Cells, Bacteria, Viruses, and Tissues (fresh, frozen or paraffinized), Plant etc.
• Compatible with various sources of thermostable DNA polymerases
• 5X EzWay™ Direct PCR Buffer
• 2.5X Direct Lysis Buffer I
• 1X Direct Lysis Buffer II
• 4X Magic Buffer
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