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EzWay Transfer-Check Solution

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Size 100ml
EzWayTM Transfer Check Solution can be used, either before immunoblotting or after detection. When staining is applied before immunoblotting, the membrane must be destained
before proceeding. DO NOT allow membrane to dry before immunoblotting and detection. When staining is performed after detection, membrane may be de-stained to the point where protein bands are becoming distinct, then dried and sealed in a plastic film for long-term record.
• Ready-to-use staining solution for visualizing bands in membranes
• Highly sensitive protein staining : detection of 50ng of BSA
• Rapid staining protocol : 1-10minutes
• No interference with antibody recognition for western blotting
• Water-based destaining : 1-2 minutes
• Stain proteins in nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes