10x8cm Pre-cast BC gel


Now, 10x8cm format precast gel is available!


We are pleased to announce that 10x8cm size precast gel (called "BC gel") is available now.

BC gels are 8.5 cm x 6.7 cm gels (in 10 x 8cm cassette) designed for performing vertical electrophoresis with the Bio-rad cells.



- Gel Matrix : Acrylamide / Bis-Acrylamide

- Gel Buffer : Tris-HCl

- Gel Size : 8.5 X 6.7 cm

- Gel Thickness : 1.0 mm

- Cassette Size : 10 x 8 cm

- Well formats : 10 well



- Numbered well outlines for easy loading of sample and identification

- Capacity for 10 samples

- Compatible with any cells having 10x8cm format (ex. Bio-rad Mini-PROTEAN Tetra)


BC gels Selection Guide



 Tris-Glycine BC gels

 Small to large sized protein

 Tricine-PAC BC gels

 Peptide separation

 EzWay-PAG-BC gels

 Long shelf life

 EzWay Quick-BC gels

 Short run time in 40 min



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